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Minicurso I - One-Shot Device Testing and Analysis

 Prof. PhD. N. Balakrishnan - McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Resumo: In this talk, I will first introduce the problem of one-shot device testing in the area of Reliability.  I will then discuss likelihood inferential methods for data collected from one-shot device testing and specifically explain some findings for the implementation of the EM-algorithm.  Next, I will discuss a semi-parametric approach to the problem and compare the results with the corresponding parametric results.  Finally, I shall give a few practical examples to illustrate all the methods of inference discussed. 






Minicurso II - Análise de Dados Censurados sob Distribuições Simétricas com Aplicações em R.

Prof. Dr. Victor Hugo Lachos Dávila - UNICAMP

Resumo: This short course aims to present a classical and Bayesian approach to linear models with censored observations, which is a new area of research with great potential for applications. Here, we replace the conventional use of the normal distribution for the errors of a more flexible family of distributions, which deal in more appropriately with censored observations in the presence of outliers. This family is obtained through a mechanism easy to construct and has as special cases the distributions Student t, Pearson type VII, slash, contaminated normal, and obviously the normal one. The proposed methods are implemented in the R packages SMNCensReg and BayesCR.




Minicurso III - Nova abordagem dos modelos Birnbaum-Saunders

Prof. Dr. Manoel Santos Neto - UFCG

Resumo: Na última década os modelos Birnbaum-Saunders têm sido amplamente estudados e aplicados em diferentes áreas do conhecimento. Neste minicurso será apresentada uma nova abordagem desses modelos e suas aplicações usando o R.


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